OMC Knights of Columbus Intellectual Disabilities Drive

June 8th and 9th
OMC Knights of Columbus Intellectual Disabilities Drive

OMC Knights of Columbus in the yellow vests will be at each Mass to collect donations for the annual Intellectual Disabilities Drive.

Your generous donations make a real difference to the children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities in our community.

About the Drive:

The Annual Fund Drive for People With Intellectual Disabilities is part of the Knights of Columbus Faith in Action efforts and has been conducted since 1987 everywhere nationally as well as internationally.

It is estimated that between 7 and 8 million Americans of all ages, or three percent of the general population, experience intellectual disabilities. Nearly 30 million, or one in ten families in the United States, are directly affected by a person with intellectual disabilities at some point in their lifetime.

At OMC, your Knights have been supporting Noah’s Homes, St. Madeline Sophie’s Center and Special Olympics with your cash donations for many years. We have been honored to receive their heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation of the donations on behalf of the OMC parishioners.