At Our Mother of Confidence, we care about our parish family members, our local environment and the entire planet.

  • Our Mother of Confidence is a member of the Parishes of San Diego Stewardship Network. Members include clergy and lay persons. The group meets once per month at different parish locations throughout our diocese.
  • Our parish grounds have been designed, maintained and programmed to use water as efficiently as possible.
  • Our church roof is covered in solar panels, saving energy and valuable parish resources that can be used in other, more beneficial ways both here at home and around the world.
  • We enjoy the opportunity to give back, while using our individual God-given talents to help others. Every person has their own strengths, skills, and abilities. God is delighted when we use the talents that He has given to us.

There are MANY ways that you can get involved to share your time, TALENT, and treasure with others.