Also called Connect to Christ (or C2C)

These gatherings are a great way to strengthen our faith in a friendly environment.  Groups meet once a week for about an hour, either by phone/video call, or socially distanced either at the church or in people’s homes.  We utilize special materials that follow the Sunday Mass readings for Advent and Lent, providing a great way to prepare to celebrate Christ’s life, death, and resurrection!  Outside of the Advent and Lenten seasons, each group decides how often they would like to continue meeting and can choose from several content choices.

The meeting format generally starts with a prayer and scripture reading, then moves to discussion questions that help unpack and apply the scripture to our everyday lives.  This is a great way to help our faith come alive and become relevant in our daily challenges and successes as we help guide each other one step closer to God.

If you would like to start your own small group with family and/or friends, we can supply the materials, just ask! Please contact Mike Sanfratello at