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Weekly Readings Reflections for the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time, October 9

How lovely it is when someone gives thanks for something they’ve received; it’s good for the person giving and the person receiving the thanks. In our busy world, often we forget to thank people for acts of kindness small or, as described in this coming Sunday’s Gospel, very large indeed. 

It’s also nice to continue to thank from the heart long after the deed is done. There have been many people who have been instrumental in helping me throughout my life and I like to thank them in my mind and by mentioning their kindness to others. And, often, when I’m playing golf, I’ll ask for some help from my dad who passed away almost 20 years ago — I like to think it’s a way God has given both of us to keep our relationship alive. And sometimes after doing so, I WILL make that putt!  For which, I give thanks to God and Dad.

With thanks for our autumn blessings,


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