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Weekly Readings Reflections for the 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time. B. June 23

For those of us who leave near to, or can visit, a body of water this summer, the motion of the sea has a special fascination. The peace of the waves lapping on the shore on a lazy sunlit afternoon, or the mighty power of waves rocking a boat at sickening pitches, are examples of how variable our experiences can be of the sea.  When we say, “I am at sea” we mean we are lost. When we “make waves” we are causing trouble. When we have “plain sailing”, we have found an easy way. No wonder Jesus and the prophets use water as a metaphor for so much. 

There is one constant of which we can be assured on our own life’s voyage. No matter how rough the waves or how calm the seas, our God is with us, whether we know it or not.

May your summer voyages, on land or sea, all be joyful,


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