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Second Sunday of Lent – February 28th

I have to admit, the first reading for this Sunday — The Binding of Isaac —  is a hard one for me, but by reading it in light of The Transfiguration, their commonalities of faith and grace give me a new perspective.

In pairing these two stories, the Church is comparing the actions of Grace in two fathers, Abraham and God Himself. Both are faced with taking the life of their sons into their own hands. God spares His creation, Abraham, of this horror in the first reading, but He does not spare Himself in the Gospels. In both stories God requires human beings to have unlimited faith and willingness to sacrifice, but God’s directive at the Transfiguration requires of mankind only one thing: Listen to Jesus and this requires the ultimate sacrifice on our part: the sacrifice of a life where we live for self, to a life suffused in the goodness of God.

How best do we live this sort of life? Consider this: Read His words; pray in His Spirit; follow His example; and act as He would.

Lenten Blessings,


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