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All are welcome to join us! Each week, please find on this page our weekly reflection pieces. Provided by Alexi Haag

Weekly Readings Reflections for the 6th Sunday of Easter, May 22

From the shorter reflection for this coming Sunday, one sentence resonates: 

Nothing can take us from the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. No sorrow or grief, no danger, no suffering can make it less.

When you see yourself or others interacting in this world, do we speak or act with joy and peace? Even in discussions that can be uncomfortable or even confrontational, we can bring the joy of our experience of Christ into focus. That joy and peace is not blind to present circumstances, but it is the motivation to share the true nature of God with the world. And to remind ourselves of the Gifts of God’s Spirit: Wisdom of seeking God first in all things and to see life from His Perspective; Understanding of God’s Truth; Counsel to make good decisions and to do what is pleasing to God; Fortitude to overcome all obstacles in following Jesus; Knowledge of God and self; Piety in joyfully serving God; Reverence and Respect toward God. (From Autom L0346)

May you have a blessed week,


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