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Week of October 25th

If you are like me, when you read this it is easy to focus on the second half—love for neighbor. It is good to love our neighbor: to serve others and see their good- ness. But it is the second commandment, and the first is harder than we like to admit.

How do we show love for an invisible God? Think about how you love your spouse or parent or friend. If you end a statement with “love you!” but that is all you do—it doesn’t go far to deepening your relationship. Actions speak louder than words.

Has your loved one ever given you an amazing gift? One that took your breath away? Whether it was something physical or an act of service, imagine if you just answered with a casual “thanks.” Wouldn’t you want your beloved to know how much you appreciate their gift? Wouldn’t you want to use it, and tell others about it? Tell your beloved how much you appreciate that they know you so well to chose something you would love?

God has given us abundant gifts. He has shown His love for us in action. One way for us to love God is to reflect on what those gifts are, to recognize how he chose them just for us, and to be appropriately grateful. It isn’t that we love God for what we get out of it, rather, we recognize the ways God loves and are overwhelmed.

Question of the Week for Children: Who is your neighbor? How can you show love for your neighbor? How can you show love for God?

Question of the Week for Adults: What does it mean to love God with all your heart, soul and mind? How can we act on that love?