Recognizing Father Mark

Whispering Winds has offered many a retreat from everyday cares with an opportunity to seek a closer moment with God. Perhaps that time was sitting on a bench in the quiet of the morning, listening to a homily during mass that touched you or during a special reconciliation time. God has provided priests to Whispering Winds to shepherd His people while they are on the mountain.

There are several priests who have played a special part in the Whispering Winds Community and they have been honored permanently at camp. Benches have been placed near the new Shepherds Hall. Each bench has been inscribed with the name of a priest that has been a special part of the community.

Our pastor, Fr. Mark was one of the moving forces in creating the resort many, many years ago. During the past weeks, the bench with Fr. Mark’s name on it was blessed and dedicated.

We are all proud of Fr. Mark and very grateful to the donors who made this possible.