OMC Prayer Blanket Ministry UPDATE

Hello, OMC Family!

A previous parishioner, Monica Morgan and I started the newest ministry in our parish- The Prayer Blanket Ministry! Monica was first introduced to prayer blankets in the Fall of 2017 when her amazing mom, Mary Szczerbinski, was diagnosed with BRCA (+), triple negative breast cancer.Her parish, in St. Augustine’s in Michigan rallied around her family and one of the most profound gifts that was given to my mother was her prayer blanket. Each blanket has memorable photos and medals of saints. Each knot on the edges is tied by parishioners who offer a prayer for strength, comfort and give a reminder that they are covered in love by their parish family. Monica’s mom was covered by her blanket when she peacefully passed away at home on November 29, 2019. Since then, the blanket has become a family heirloom. A physical reminder of her mom, her journey and how important having a parish family is.

Can we help to provide this profound, physical comfort to you or someone in your family that needs to be covered in prayer and love? Are you interested in being part of this powerful team? Please contact me at