Welcome to Our Mother of Confidence’s Youth Faith Formation Program

Parents are the first and primary teachers of faith.  Through your witness, dedication, habits and traditions your children learn the importance of a relationship with God and the community of the Church.  We are here to help you.

Registration for the 2019 -2020 faith formation year is now open.  If your child was a student last year, you should receive a registration packet in the mail.

If you are new to the program, you may register online here: Register Online

Or you may print out and complete a paper copy of the registration here: Blank Youth Registration Form

The calendar for the year can be downloaded here:

Youth Calendar August – Dec. 2019  —  updated October 7th, 2019

Youth Calendar for 2020  —  Will be posted soon

Youth Calendar (Google version)


The cost for classes is:  $110 / one child;  $170 for 2 children; and $200 for 3 or more children.

Payment may be made by cash or check in the office, or via PayPal below.   Discounts apply even if the children are in different age groups (elementary v.s. youth).  If paying online, please be sure to indicate your child’s name.   Ability to pay should never be a stumbling block for any family.  If you need assistance or would prefer to pay over time, just let us know.

If you have any questions please contact Ian, the youth minister, at imascarenhas@omcsandiego.org or by phone at 858-453-3554

Thank you.


Flyer / Forms (for Events & Activities

Beach Clean-Up — Saturday Sept. 21st — 8:15am–1:00pm.  Meet @ OMC, carpool to La Jolla Shores

ILACSD Waiver  (I Love A Clean San Diego)   /     Diocesan Waiver

Help bring 5 gallon bucket (be eco-friendly).  Gloves will be provided.



Youth Ministry Documents (will be posted soon)

Youth Ministry Program (Classes, Retreats, Service Opportunities, etc)

Confirmation Prep — Sponsor/Candidate info

Confirmation Prep — Service Hours Tracking Form

Confirmation Prep — Prayers to Know     —     Tri-fold (Apostles Creed, Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit)

Confirmation Prep — Petition Letter (for 2nd Year Candidates, due March 30th)

Confirmation Prep — Readiness Interview 2019-2020

Readiness Interview questions sheet includes the “Reflection Piece” for 2nd Year Candidates.