Looking for Volunteers for Childcare

We are thrilled with the success of our MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers) kick-off event!  One of the factors in having this be a successful resource for mothers with young children is that we have wonderful childcare available for them.   If you like playing with toddlers, holding cute babies, and reading stories to preschoolers, this might be a  great opportunity for you to serve our community.

MOPS meets every other Tuesday at OMC with occasional special events.  Adult childcare volunteers will be subject to a background check and must go through online Safe Environments training.  Teen volunteers will be supervised by adults.

Expressing interest is not a commitment to be available for every event.  Your “yes” is a wonderful gift to moms with little ones who will enjoy a little “mom time” together.

Please contact JoEllyn Mascarenhas at 858-453-3554 or jmascarenhas@omcsandiego.org or Emily Carignan at 858-453-0222  or e-mail ecarignan@omcsandiego.org

Thank you for considering this ministry!