Father Mark’s Pastoral Direction

This past weekend I spoke at all of our Masses on our parish’s Increased Offertory Program Joyful Living – Grateful Giving. Our goal through this program is to substantially increase our regular contributions so that we may keep moving forward with our mission as a parish. This weekend at all Masses we prayerfully make a commitment of our financial support of our parish.

In my reflection at last weekend Masses I said that we are all by virtue of our Baptism called by Christ to be Stewards in His service. We have learned that Stewardship always starts with the personal experience of the Risen Christ in our midst and in our hearts. It is a vocation to discipleship. The following of Christ as a disciple entails a personal response, and the call can result in a positive impact on our parish communities.

Living as stewards is a deeply spiritual way of life that begins with the recognition of and gratitude for all we are, all we have, and will be. What are we most grateful for in our lives? How does our everyday living as Catholic Christians reflect this gratitude?

Who inspires us by their gift of spirit, time, financial giving, prayer, and sharing of talent? In what ways do we seek to inspire others?

I thank you, our faithful parishioners, for your ever-willing, giving nature, your commitment, and your financial support of the ministries and programs of our parish.

As we move forward with the mission and vision of Our Mother of Confidence parish your commitment to the ongoing financial support of our efforts is very important. We, as a parish family, have changed so many lives in our community! In order to continue our mission and ministries, I encourage all parishioners to spend time in prayer and discussion with your family reflecting on the work we do.

As faithful stewards and disciples then, we ask ourselves: “What are the things that we can give thanks to the Lord for at this moment in our life’s journey?” Surely there are many challenges that we are living through these days, but where do we, first of all, find a space and time to give thanks to God for blessings great and small? Can we make a short list of something or somethings to be grateful to God for this past summer or just today?

Personally, I am grateful for the blessings I receive from serving as a priest in this parish community of our Mother of Confidence. Daily, I experience the deep faith and dedication of you, the parishioners, as you live your lives conscious of the presence and action of God within you and around you always. I am continually inspired by the trust you place in God’s assistance when you are experiencing challenges either in your own personal or family lives.

I have full confidence that our parish’s Increased Offertory Program Joyful Living – Grateful Giving will be successful as we prayerfully renew and increase our financial support to Our Mother of Confidence. Your continued financial sacrificial giving will help us to plan and to add resources and programs as we carry out our mission. May God bless you and yours and know of my sincere gratitude for all your sacrifice, involvement and lives of faithful discipleship and stewardship in loving the Gospel in the body of Christ here at OMC.