April 11/2015

While we have taken a number of steps to reduce our water consumption, the cost of water remains an ongoing expense.

Gallons used last month 48,620 a 24% reduction from march 2015 saving 14,960 gals

Total Water bill last month $709 down from $795 last year – $224 saved


We continue to partner with LaBahn’s landscaping to improve our landscaping appearance and to reduce the amount of water that we use.  Service began on 7/17/2014.

An extensive assessment of our irrigation system was performed, and as a result the following changes and improvements were made:

  • The timing and duration of the watering cycles were drastically reduced.
  • 200 cubic yards of mulch was delivered and distributed.
  • We capped 384 sprinkler heads and installed 484 drip emitters
  • We removed overgrown Kangaroo paw plants, and non-native shrubs and replaced them with drought tolerant species such as Portulaca, Bougainvillea, False red yucca, Phormiums and Birds of paradise.
  • We replaced timers, valves, filters and pressure regulators throughout our property.
  • We looked at each of the 12 zones and determined the type of soil, the amount of sunlight, the slope of the ground, the type of plant, the root depth of each plant and establish a water budget for each zone.
  • We installed sensor technology that is internet enabled to monitor weather conditions.  If rain is foretasted, watering is suspended.  After a rain, calculations are made as to whether or not any additional water is required to bring us up to our budgeted amount.
  • We removed all of our turf and took advantage of $1,500 in incentives offered by the State of California.

LaBahn’s landscaping will continue to monitor, operate and repair our 12 zone system to insure it is operating at peak efficiency and using as little water as possible.  The irrigation system changes were completed on 9/1/2014

Additional advantages!

  • We have reduced our comingled waste stream by having our green waste taken offsite and processed into nutrient rich mulch.  It is then brought back and placed on our plants.  This new process allowed us to cut our pickup fees in half.
  • This fundamental change provided us with an opportunity to install a dedicated container for paper, cardboard and plastic recyclables as required by the City of San Diego.
  •  We eliminated the water run off that was deteriorating our parking lot surface, overflowing onto the sidewalks and streets into the city’s storm drains and into our oceans and bays.
  • We now have a recycling program at OMC to complement the ongoing program that the Knights of Columbus have in place for collecting containers with a CA deposit value and donating the proceeds to local charities.

Our latest water bill from the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department shows that we have reduced our consumption by 25% compared to l the same period last year.  We are well on our way to reduce our consumption from 88,000 gallons to less than 35,000 gallons per month, reducing our bill to less than $400. 


Please contact John Ohle for any additional information: johle@omcsandiego.org or call (619) 905-3526.

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