Lenore Martinez  858-412-5123

Adult Community:
Nancy Wesseln    858-847-0724

Adult Formation: (RCIA)

Scott Wall
Twitter @deaconscottwall


Altar Server Formation:
Dick Vidosic  858-453-9599

Baptisms: (Infant)
Emily Carignan 
858-453-0222  (Thur. & Fri.) 

Bereavement Support:
Lenore Martinez   858-412-5123

Mary Sexton   858-453-3395

Centering Prayer:  
Fran Cardozo  858-453-0222
Blanca Paloma   858-274-2035

Coffee & Doughnuts:
Claire Shaughnessy 858-775-1777
Dusty Reisch   858-414-3101

Divorced and Separated Ministry:
Peter Murphy & Kathy Scarvie
Rectory: 858-453-0222

Donovan State Prison Ministry:
Greg Settelmayer  858-692-9594

Eucharistic Minister
Scripps Hospital:

Cecily Goode  858 204-7077

Food Bank:
Mark Manthei    858-272-2355

Food Addicts Anonymous:
Toby Geisting   858-457-5670

Grief & Healing:
Elaine Warner   858-453-4006

Healing Touch:
Blanca Paloma

Holy Folders:  
JoAnne Barbieri

Jack & Dottie Beresford

Juvenile Hall Prison Ministry:
Rob Moscato    858-453-5785

Knights of Columbus:
James Vitale  858-337-5129

Liturgical Minister  Scheduling:
Mike Caparelli

Kathleen Gerry   858-587-0848

Matrimonial Advocate: (Annulments)
Janie Hoffner  858-453-0721

Charlotte Deane  619-284-8071

Glenn D’Abreo  858-736-4128 voice or text

Mystical Rose Guild:
Sandy Nebel  858-450-1851
Evi Rick  858-453-3131

Parish Organist & Pianist:
Tony Gril – Weddings & funerals

Parish Office:
Glenn D’Abreo
(Office & Bulletin)
858-453-0222 –
voice /text 858-736-4128

Jim Dube   858-453-0222 (Accountant)

Fran Cardozo 858-453-0222

Emily Carignan  858-453-0222

Parish Outreach Program:
Hotline  858-461-8356

Plant Manager:
John Ohle   619-905-3526

Prayer Tree:

RCIA (Rite of Christian for Adults):

Scott Wall
Twitter @deaconscottwall

Religious Education: 

Preschool, Grades 1-6
JoEllyn Mascarenhas

Jane Hargrove  858-453-3554


Sacristan Scheduling:
Kristi Keith   858-453-9640

Senior Club:
Paul Tang  858-453-3554


Jack Beresford  858-453-7695

Veterans Resource Ministry:


Weekday Masses:
(Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers)
Elaine Warner  858-453-4006

Lector Training:
Marty Linville   619-723-5444

Wedding Coordinator:
Karene Evenson:
858-273-7051; Cell: 858-342-2020

Wedding Preparation:
Msgr. Mark A. Campbell
(for an appointment)

Welcoming Ministry:
To be announced

Youth and Young Adults:
Grades 7-High School & 18+
Ian Mascarenhas   858-453-3554

Hospital Chaplains
Tri-City                  760-940-7954

Palomar                 442-281-1329

Scripps Encinitas   760-633-7784

Scripps Green        858-554-3698

Scripps Mercy       619-260-7020

UCSD Thornton    619-543-2103

Kaiser Zion            619-528-5188

UCSD Hillcrest      619-543-2103



The San Diego Police have a volunteer service which makes visits to the elderly to check up on them. The program is called YANA (You Are Never Alone). If you or someone you love is elderly and living alone, consider signing up with YANA to have a couple of volunteer officers stop by every day to check up on you or your loved one. The service is free of charge. These people will also check on homes where the residents are away on vacation. Please call 619-917-6598 and ask about the YANA program.