Interfaith Shelter Here at OMC!

Important Interfaith Shelter Information:

We are very happy to announce that Our Mother of Confidence is going to host our first Interfaith Shelter here at OMC from 24 Feb – 10 Mar.

Many of you have volunteered to support, and we want to thank you for your efforts!  For those who have volunteered, Greg Settelmayer will contact you two days before your volunteer date to remind you and provide any pertinent information.   

Any questions? Would you like to volunteer or donate to this very worthy cause?
Please contact Greg Settelmayer at: 858 652-9594.

Below are some important points in order for our guests to feel welcomed:

  • Please understand we refer to the visitors utilizing our shelter as “Guests” and not “homeless people”.
  • They will be sleeping and eating in our facilities and we want to ensure they feel welcomed and are in a secure environment.
  • We ask that all parishioners use the term “Guests” when talking about the Interfaith Shelter.
  • Some of our guests may be joining us for Mass, breakfast or the Lenten dinners and you may not realize they are one of our guests.  So, we do not want to offend anyone, but want to make sure all are welcome.    Let’s get ready to give our Interfaith Shelter guests that warm welcome that OMC is known for!  🙂 Thank you for all you do!