Homilies Now Online

You, our beloved OMC parishioners asked for it, and we answered!

We now have homilies online for you to read at your leisure, or on the go. Access them from your desktop, laptop, or even smart phone.

Click on ‘homilies’ on the top of the home screen, and then click on the deacon or priest’s name to the left, and choose your homily.

Several homily topics are already posted, including the very popular “Love Completely,” “Become an Extraordinary Christian,” and “On Despair.”

We are going to keep adding homilies, so keep checking our website.

Have you heard a homily that has special meaning for you? Is there a special OMC homily that you would like to see online? Drop us a line at: ecarignan@omcsandiego.org

Take a bit of OMC with you, read a homily.

Homilies. Food for thought. Food for the soul.