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The Religious  Education  Program at Our  Mother  of  Confidence offers  catechesis  for  children  from  Preschool  (ages  4 – 5)  through  6th grade and Youth grades 7th through 10th.  Our  catechists  and  students  share  and  grow  in  faith  as  they  journey  together.  Our  primary  text  is  Faith  First from  RCL  and  we  focus  in  helping  our  children  to  grow  in  the  four  areas  based  on  the  Catechism  of  the  Catholic  Church:

  • Creed  (We  Believe)
  • Liturgy  and  Sacraments  (We  Worship)
  • Morality  (How  We  Live)
  • Prayer  (We  Pray)

The  text  we  use  has  a  spiraling  format  and  engages  the  children  in  lessons  relating  to  the  four  pillars  of  the  Catholic  Church:  Creed,  Sacraments,  Morality  and  Prayer.  This  allows  them  to  build  on  their  beliefs  from  year  to  year.

Liturgy of the Word for Children

Every Sunday, during the 9:00 a.m. Mass, children are offered the opportunity to hear Th e Liturgy of the Word at their level.  Children attend Mass with their family and are invited to join an adult Catechist after the Opening Prayer in the Parish Hall for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  They return to the church at The Preparation of the Gifts to complete the celebration of the Mass with their family. Registration is not required. 

Pre – School

Our  Pre–School  Program  explores  the  basic  concepts  of  our  relationships  with  God  and  the  world.  Through  Scripture,  videos, crafts,  and  songs,  the  catechists  introduce  our  younger  Catholics  to  experience  their  faith. These  sessions  are   held  weekly  on  Sunday  mornings  during  the  9:00  a.m. Mass.

Growth  In  Faith

“Growth  In  Faith  Sessions”  are  presented  to  parents  who  have  children  preparing  to  receive  the  sacraments  of  Reconciliation,  First  Eucharist  and  Confirmation.  The  class  sessions  focus  on  specific  aspects  of  our  Catholic  faith  such  as  Prayer,  Advent,  Lent,  and  Sacraments,  to  name  a  few.  They  provide  an  opportunity  for  parents  to  learn  and  share  experiences  of  our  faith  with  each  other  and  assist  in  the  faith  formation  of  their  children.  A  half  day  retreat  is  scheduled  for  parents  and  children  in  preparation  for  reception  of  the  sacraments. 


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process for adults who wish to receive – or to complete – the Sacraments of Initiation; meaning Baptism, Confirmation and 1st Eucharist or for those seeking to be received into the community of faith, the Catholic Church. Meetings are held on Mondays 7:00-8:30 PM in the St. Katharine Drexel room (the Library). RCIA classes are always open to adults interested in learning more about our Catholic faith. For more information on RCIA please contact Deacon Jim at or to register call (858) 453-0731.

Adult Confirmation

Did you know?  It is a church requirement that the Sacrament of Confirmation is to be received prior to Marriage.”   If you are a Catholic Adult and have not received the sacraments of 1st Eucharist and or Confirmation please contact Deacon Jim at or call the office and speak with Emily Carignan at 858-453-0731 for further information.

Reach More – Connect to Christ

Mother of Confidence introduced “Reach More – Connect to Christ” small groups beginning in March of 2017. These small groups will meet weekly for 7 weeks and there will be 2 “cycles” every year. It is our hope that these groups will help us grow more and more as a parish community and the next cycle is being planned for Fall 2017. Other parishes in the diocese have had great success with their groups and one of them now has over 300 people presently involved.

These small groups are designed to help us deepen our faith and grow in connection with Jesus and others, while growing our parish community. They are led by parishioners who have been trained in facilitating Spirit‐filled conversation.

These small groups will gather in a variety of locations – such as peoples’ homes or local coffee shops – to discuss life and faith, reflect on a scripture passage and discuss how it might apply to our daily lives – as well as pray for and with one another. There are no teachers and students in small groups, just friends seeking and discovering God.

The groups are open to women and men – 18 and older – whether you are married or single – working or retired – children at home or empty-nesters. These groups are perfect if you simply want to be around other people who want to experience more of the peace, hope, and abundant life that Jesus said he came to give us.

Reach More Connect to Christ weekly updates at For more information please contact Deacon Jim at