Embracing Our Faith…Building our Future Program Week 3

Embracing Our Faith…Building Our Future Update

Thank you to all parishioners who have completed and submitted your Commitment Card to the church. As a reminder, all commitments need to be submitted to the church no later than June 4th, in order to be accounted for in the final Summary Report.

Please complete and submit your card to the church, even if you are unable to make a change to your current level of giving.

For those registered parishioners not currently supporting the church with regular offertory gifts, please consider a monthly gift to support the needs of our parish.

Online giving is also available.

Here is the link: https://osvonlinegiving.com/4247

If you have any questions regarding this program, or how to give electronically, please contact the parish office at 858/453-0222.

Click here to view the introduction of this program by Fr Mark.

We have been asked to provide regular information about the expenses we incur.
Here is a list of bills we have recieved that need to be paid as of 5/2/2017

OMC Financial facts 5/2/2017
SDGE for Elec and Gas – $1,056.49
Monthly janitorial – $775.00
Special Janitorial – $250.00
Monthly landscaping – $1,045.00
Monthly Waste removal – $292.78
Anthem Church supplies – $717.21
Janitorial supplies – $387.19
Quarterly Fire Sprinkler inspect – $315.00
Spectrum Cable Internet – $489.98
OSV Increased offertory Program-$13,552.62
Reserve study update – $750.00
LED Lighting upgrade Sanctuary $17,000.00
TOTAL $36,631.27

What is our goal for this Increased Offertory Program?
Our goals for the Increased Offertory for the next year $160,000 – 20% increase. Additional givers: 170 new Registrations: 50

What is the cost for maintaining the organ and pianos
$1400 for the organ annually for quarterly maint. $200 each for the 5 pianos tuned 2x per year.

New form for online givers to place in the offertory basket
Comments received:
* I love this idea! I have been thinking about suggesting something like this since I started to give online a few months ago. After years of putting an envelope in the collection basket, it just feels strange to have the ushers pass by. Besides… It reminds my daughters and granddaughters who often attend with me about my commitment to OMC. And maybe others seeing some of us participate in this way, might consider online giving too.

* I really appreciate this. I felt awful when they passed around the basket after the homily on Sunday and I still put nothing in the basket. I feel like a bad example, even as I contribute to OMC.

* I think it is a waste of time and paper.

What are the fees paid to OSV for contributions made online
• We pay a transaction fee of .33 for each donation made via cash, check or ACH to OSV.
• For credit cards there is a transaction fee ranging from 2.82% to 3.39% depending on the credit card company.
• As a parish we pay OSV a onetime setup fee of $200 and a monthly fee of $20.
There is also a fee of $49 per year to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards for an annual review of security practices

I did not receive the increased offertory program mailing that had the brochure and commitment card. How can I get them?
Please pick these items up from the gathering place or send an email to johle@OMCsandiego.org and we will mail them to you.