An OMC Web Story – My Cursillo Weekend Experience

We are starting a new web series at OMC that will highlight parishioners’ personal faith stories. Some stories will focus on spirituality, others on forgiveness, some on the joys of ministry, and even one on the return journey back to the church.

These stories, themes, and authors will be varied, but all will have one thing in common: what it means to be a Catholic.

Please check out our first OMC story in our web series, “My Cursillo Weekend Experience,” by Greg Settelmayer. We think you will enjoy it.


My Cursillo Weekend Experience, by Greg Settlemayer


 “My faith was a routine I had established, because I felt this was what being Catholic was all about.”


Some years ago, a friend invited me and my wife to attend a Cursillo weekend. When I asked what a Cursillo weekend was they said Cursillo means short course, in this case in our Catholic Faith. This sounded like a retreat, and since I made an annual retreat with my dad, I made some excuse for the next four or five years why we couldn’t make it.  We finally decided to take up our friend’s offer and signed up for the October 2012 Cursillo Weekends.  Typically, men attend the first weekend and the women the following weekend.

Now I have always considered myself a fairly good cradle Catholic, who went to church every Sunday, and would volunteer when requested, or as we say in the Navy when I was “voluntold”. My faith was a routine I had established because I felt this was what being Catholic was all about. The Cursillo Weekend changed my view of what Catholicism is truly about, and changed my life.

The Cursillo weekend opened my eyes to the greater thriving Catholic Community in San Diego and a much broader understanding of Catholicism, which greatly deepened my personal relationship with Christ. It destroyed the myth I had been carrying around that going to Church on Sundays, and going to Confession once or twice a year, was what it was all about.   Cursillo not only demonstrated to me what a Catholic Community is all about, but this Community welcomed my wife and I, warts and all. The weekend taught me our Catholic Community is a vital part of our belief.   Just read the Acts of the Apostles and look at how communities were built and how they thrived. The Cursillistas, as we call people who have attended a weekend, were inviting, honest, sincere and supportive during my weekend. I came home Sunday a different man, just ask my wife and kids.

This is not a club and there is no commitment after a Cursillo weekend. However, there are many opportunities to carry on your Cursillo weekend and grow in your faith journey.   Suzanne and I now assist in the Cursillo weekends, which provide us with greater appreciation of our Faith every year. I invite you to consider attending one in the future. The Cursillo weekends are held in October and April of every year. For more information call me at 858 652-9594 or email me at Thanks and God Bless!