All About “Healing Prayer”

healing prayev2The focus of all healing prayer should be to establish communion with God and then, while in communion with God,
to become receptive to receiving the healing that God wills. When our prayers for healing evolve out of our communion
with God, there is no limit to the grace that God is willing to bestow upon us.
Mike MacCarthy will be giving a small presentation after each of our weekend Masses. He will tell us what Healing
Prayer is and what it is not. He will also flesh out the small blurbs he has been writing for our bulletin.
Mike will also be in the Gathering Space after each Mass this weekend to talk with anyone interested in Healing Prayer.
Mike and Kathy (858) 715-9831.
For additional info

We are happy to announce a prayer tree is in now in place that we will facilitate. If you need, or know of someone who may want to have Kathy or I visit them at home or the hospital or nursing home, please let us know. We will gladly provide. Those who wish to arrange a home or hospital visit can call us (858-715-9831) or email me (